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Sod Installation & Delivery in Champlin, MN

Professional sod installation and delivery services for residential and commercial clients in Champlin, MN and surrounding areas of the metro including Maple Grove, Dayton, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Wayzata & more.

Expert Sod Installers in Champlin, MN

Your lawn takes up the majority of the visual space within a landscape and outdoor space. The overall condition of your turf will set the tone for your property’s curb appeal and first impression given off to visitors and passersby. Sod provides the quickest solution to having the greenest and thickest lawn on the block. Regardless of the size of your project, our sod professionals can take on any size job, big or small. Our Champlin sod installation professionals have refined the process of any sod project from start to finish to give your new lawn its highest chance of success. Request a quote or call today at (763) 265-6255 to schedule a sod installation project or delivery in Champlin, MN.

Benefits of Installing Sod

Sod Company Champlin MN

Site Prep Process

For many projects, our crew of sod craftsmen follow a protocol to ensure your property is prepared adequately for sod to be installed.

1. Lawn or Landscape Removal – clearing out existing turf, old landscaping, debris, etc. and hauling it away
2. Grade Work – performed if a slope correction is in order or the slope must be established on a new construction project
Topsoil – delivered and installed at proper slopes for new construction or if the existing soil is not fit for turf growth
Soil Conditioning – this involves tilling, Harley raking or cultivating with heavy equipment to mix the new soil with the existing soil
Final Grading – final adjustments made to soil’s surface including light raking, removing any large dirt clods, etc.

Sod Installation

Our sod artisans install efficiently and effectively to ensure your new sod will have the ability to thrive at its new home.

1. Delivery – sod is freshly cut and delivered to your home or business property
2. Install – sod rolls are laid out properly with staggering and with no gaps between rolls
3. Cuts – rolls near landscaping, lawn objects, walkways, etc. are cut to fit
4. Cleaning Up – cut sod pieces, debris, soil and sod pallets are cleaned up and hauled away
5. Watering – our crew will provide advice for watering and caring for your new sod to ensure it will be healthy and lush for years to come.

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