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Outdoor Drainage Solutions

Professional yard and landscape drainage solutions in Champlin, MN and surrounding communities for residential & commercial clients. Providing a variety of drainage work such as french drains/drain tile, catch basins, re-grading and much more.

Professional Drainage Solutions Company Champlin, MN

Are you encountering soft spots or standing water in your lawn or landscaping after rain events or during early spring when the snow is melting? Is water seeping into your basement? Your lawn may be suffering from drainage problems. There are numerous causes to a yard experiencing drainage issues. Such as an improper slope in your yard, or the landscaping around the foundation of your home, commercial building, shed or other structure sending water towards your building or home, when it should be dispersed away from structures. Drainage issues can also happen to newly built homes if the soil surrounding the foundation was not filled in and compacted down, or has sank down out of the blue. Our Champlin yard drainage technicians are proficient in solving drainage problems of all kinds on both residential and commercial properties.

Lawn Drainage Solutions in Champlin & Throughout The Metro

A professionally designed landscape that is constructed to industry standards will rarely have issues. But over the years the ground may move due to frost heaving (which disturbs the soil), erosion, or if your yard was not installed correctly it can lead to detrimental effects such as harming your grass, plants, and trees due to improper drainage. Water has the power to intrude into the lower level of your home and can cause damage to your foundation. We offer several options to solve your Champlin, MN lawn drainage issues.

French Drain Installation

A French drain, commonly referred to as a drain tile system, entails the installation of drainage pipe at the bottom of a trench filled with gravel. With a proper Champlin drain tile installation, water is routed to a designated location on the property. Many homeowners view French drain system installation as a simple do-it-yourself project. However, an incorrectly installed French drain system can make drainage problems worse. Our highly-trained yard and landscape drainage teams will frequently use specialty equipment use as laser guides to ensure an ideal grade is kept through the entire drain tile system. This allows for maximum water flow throughout all four seasons.

Landscape Re-Grading

Re-grading your lawn and landscape is a holistic approach to solving your drainage issues. During this process, our highly skilled equipment operators will determine the best plan of attack for managing water. Re-grading your lawn and landscape is one the more cost-effective ways of correcting slopes to solve drainage problems.

Dry Creek Beds & Rain Gardens

If your property is encountering problems with landscape drainage and requires a unique drainage solution, such as a dry creek bed, rain garden, an underground catch basin, sump pump extension or a downspout extension, please give us a call or request a quote.

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