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Hydroseeding in Champlin, MN

Professional lawn seeding company and hydroseeding in Champlin, MN serving residential and commercial clients.

Professional Hydroseeding Services in Champlin

Hydroseeding is a super efficient way to simultaneously plant and nourish a big area of soon to be turf. Our Champlin, MN hydroseeding professionals use a specialized pump system to apply a liquid mixture of grass seed, water, fertilizer and a little bit of wood chips onto the soil’s surface to create what will eventually grow into your new lawn area. Hydroseeding offers several benefits over traditional grass seed. Hydroseed will  hold moisture in the soil which gives the seeds the chance to sprout and start growing faster, allowing it to become established faster. When applied to industrial or commercial applications, it helps with reducing minor erosion and works to keep dust down on construction sites. If you are looking for hydroseeding services in Champlin, MN or the surrounding areas for your newly installed or recently renovated lawn at your home, or on a construction site, give us a call at (763) 220-1699 or request a quote and our professionals will be in touch shortly.

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Champlin MN Hydroseeding

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